222x200 Charles_Portrait_50-copy2At a young age, my Dad & Mom let me leave from Cincinnati, Ohio on a vacation of 3 months. A flew to Queens, NY & stayed with my cousin & with my Mom’s brother & wife. I took an guitar that I was learning to play & a Kodak camera my Dad gave me to document the trip. I went two summers in a row. As one can imagine, the immense diversity of people was a cultural shock to me. But with a natural curiosity, I introduced myself to everyone that caught my attention, put the camera to my eye to capture a part of their essense, & have been doing so every since.

When you think about it, so many things we do as human beings involve creating things and conceptual thinking. We all are in out best state when we use our powerfully creative mind, to bring something of value or pleasure or happiness into the world, for others to enjoy. Wheater you dance, write, teach, take care of the infirmed, or anything else, do with with passion! And above all, I encourage you NOT to be wish that you were someone else. Find out who YOU are & be YOU! I trust that you’ll find that you love & appreciate who YOU are, best of all!



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